Episode 3 Stuff and Clutter: Reordering Our Relationship to Things

Doug and Caren talk about stuff and clutter, how it hinders our daily life and work, and ways to reorder our relationship to things. Our starting point is Thoreau’s Walden, the great experiment in testing the essentials. We touch on some popular methods of decluttering, but go a bit deeper into recovering the presence of things, following Walker Percy, and the sacramental significance of order in our lives.

Episode notes:

A good edition of Thoreau’s Walden with a useful introduction and annotations.

The Mission, directed by Roland Joffé (1986)

Marie Kondo, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

Homer, The Odyssey. Translators are important.  Most on-line versions are from older translations (such as Lattimore’s classic). This is Robert Fitzgerald’s Bollingen Prize winning translation.

Walker Percy (who will probably be in the notes for most episodes), Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book


4 thoughts on “Episode 3 Stuff and Clutter: Reordering Our Relationship to Things

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  1. My first time listening and I loved it! I enjoyed this podcast because of the smooth flow of conversation and your consistency. Thanks for keeping it mellow and enjoyable. (We all like some easy listening during the work week.) These are all useful tips to de-clutter and just in time for Spring! I’ll be listening again.

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  2. Good show! As daunting a task as it is to move across the country in mid-life, when I look back, one thing that brought me joy was the opportunity to lighten our load by gifting others with things we knew they would enjoy having. And so your show was a timely Lenten reminder about almsgiving. In other news, I use my juicer almost every day so my picky eater can get some nutrients. It’s also a good way to detox after X-rays or illness. I can share recipes for yummy yet healthy juices! I even use it to make healthy cocktails for Porch Lawyer!

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    1. Did you ever think you’d be known as “Porch Lawyer’s Wife”? I love it–you’re the first of our cast of characters. On the juicer, I might have to rethink and put the thing to use. I’ll keep you posted.


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