Episode 10 The Case for Real Books: E-books Don’t Burn

Doug and Caren talk over the advantages of physical books vs. e-books. A soliloquy from Shakespeare provides our epigraph (in honor of his birthday). Kindle and other e-books provide some advantages, but at what cost? We weigh the heft of physical books, in terms both sentimental and metaphysical. Finally, our Top 10 things you can do with a real book that you can’t do with an e-book.

Love to hear your thoughts on this, whether you’re an old-school bibliophile or a Kindle fan.

Show notes:

Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God. Easily the most accessible and practical guide to the mystical life.

From the UK Independent, “10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries”

BBC, “The Immortalist: Uploading the Mind to a Computer”

Like your own five volume Summa Theologica? More good work by the Dominican friars.

And yes, there are people who provide books to decorate homes and offices for those non-booklovers who just want the look. I give you Books by the Foot.

One correction: it’s the Columbia History of Western Philosophy. Highly recommend (and you can get the Kindle version for $17…resist, resist).

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