Episode 12 Failure Is Not An Option; It’s An Essential

Doug and Caren talk about the pain of failure and ways to grow through it. Failure is inevitable, whether our daily failures in love and virtue or truly catastrophic failures, such as the loss of a marriage or career. We talk through the psychological, social, and spiritual impact of failure and how we can begin to recover and grow.

Milton’s Satan provides our epigraph from Paradise Lost. We close with our Top 10 Ways to Grow Through Failure.

Show notes:

Milton, Paradise Lost. Read the original in a reliable text. If you haven’t read Milton since college (if then), give it a go. The poetry is astounding and it remains one of the great works on the psychology of temptation.

Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter. Each of us has felt the sting of some kind of scarlet letter, on ourselves or someone close to us. Hawthorne’s great novel (ruined for too many in high school) is written with the compassion he saw as essential to the artist. Treat yourself to the Library of America’s beautiful hardcover of his collected novels.

Don’t build a Little Troy! (And do read Virgil’s Aeneid in the Fitzgerald translation).

Pope Francis, “On the Need to Gaze at the Crucifix”

And, our regular reminder that Phil Procter is the best string player in south Alabama. If you love our music, check him out at philprocter.net.





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