Episode 16 Who’s Afraid of Jordan Peterson?

Caren and Doug talk over the controversy that has launched Dr. Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto Clinical Psychologist, to international celebrity. Some of his ideas on the biological basis of gender, the respective roles and inclinations of women and men, and his resistance to the radical Left have provoked a firestorm.

After our epigraph, W.B. Yeats’ great poem “Sailing to Byzantium,” we step back a bit to look at the controversy and what it says about the polarized state of our culture. We also talk through some of his foundational claims.

Next week, we will delve into his new bestselling book, 12 Rules for Life.

Show notes:

Here is the interview of Cathy Newman of Britain’s Channel 4 that sent things viral.

If you’d like Peterson’s overview of 12 Rules for Life (and haven’t gotten the book yet), watch this:

2 thoughts on “Episode 16 Who’s Afraid of Jordan Peterson?

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  1. Another winner, although I will take exception to Odysseus being a hero. Master of deception, yes. Obviously a tricky fellow along the lines of Loki. He did what he could to get home, using his wits. Coming home, he used his wits to exact revenge. The carnage was probably not necessary. How did he do as a Captain of men? How many of his men returned home? Not in my top 10.

    Atticus Fitch was a defense attorney representing his client. Like any good defense attorney, he went right after the rape victim, calling her a liar. Of course, we operate under the assumption that he is right, but perhaps he was just a good defense lawyer….😉

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  2. Thanks for turning me on to JP. I love the fact that a) he drives knee-jerk statists and PC-freaks (aka so-called “progressives”) completely BSC. Bat-guano Crazy. I also love the fact that he bases his thinking in empirical science. Some things are “hard-wired”, and the Left hates to hear that. Men and women are actually different?! No way!!! ha ha


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